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Parent Letter 19th May

19th May, 2020,

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Throughout the past week we have had a steady increase in the amount of students who have been attending school.

As has been reported, Grade 7-10 officially recommences on Tuesday, June 9th. Until then, students can access learning from home, both online (through CANVAS) and offline (through the packs that have been distributed) and can also access learning at school if they can’t be supported to learn from home.

Due to the increased amount of students who are now attending school, we would ask that all students bring the offline materials (which were sent home) with them to school. This will ensure that all students will be able to learn effectively and will also allow equitable access to computers. At the moment we are facing a shortage of computers at school, meaning we cannot have access for each individual student to a computer at the same time.

On June the 9th, students will recommence their Core Subjects (including options) and the timetable that they had at the start of the year. This will allow computer access at school to return to normal as subjects will not be offered online, but only through face to face learning at school and where many do not require computer access.

Pease contact myself, Tim Dunham or Lindsey Blake at the school if you have any queries or need any clarification on the learning options provided up until June the 9th.

Yours sincerely,

Nikki Clark - PRINCIPAL